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Thursday, August 4, 2011


I'm having trouble writing tonight.  After the heavy topic of yesterday's blog (or was that the day before yesterday....), the blog called "Look for the Heroes" - I'm afraid I just can't top myself.  Writers are notorious for criticizing their own work.  We write, we edit, we scrutinize, we re-write, we congratulate ourselves, and then we reread it and say "Oh that's just awful!"  Maybe it's a multiple personality thing....I'll have to check the mental illness section at the library to see if I fit the criteria; an no I'm not making fun of mental illness, but I have yet to meet a person with multiple personalities.  I could actually be the first I've met.  So when I posted my blog on "heroes", I literally believed in it. I myself had to reread it because I found it so damn good. Like, where did that voice come from?  But it was a fluke and tonight I'm afraid, I'm.....speechless.  I'm not even a week into posting on my blog and I have writer's block. Or maybe I just have absolutely nothing to say.  Writer's block is just a nice way of saying "my brain is void."

And so THE GOOD NEWS that I write of today is short and, well, funny.  It's about seeing the humor in life.  I admit, I am the first to cry, but I am also the first to laugh, or a close second to my cousin Becky. 

As most of you know because I don't lack modesty, I was offered the greatest honor yesterday of being invited to be a local voice for our well read on-line city newspaper.  I had hit the big time! They wanted ME! My voice! My thoughts! That is music to a writer's ears.  And so, I took the best post I had written so far and sent it to THE PATCH.  Not even an hour later, my article was posted on the front page for all 60,000 residents of San Ramon to read. I celebrated. I had a taco and a beer; Corona with a little twist of lime to make me feel specialI was on top of the world.  And then....(drum roll).....I woke up this morning to see if I had any comments, and LO AND BEHOLD I had a COMMENT!  So excited that somebody cared enough to comment, to read my article, to reply to my profound and thoughtful words -- and as I opened up the comment and read it all it said was "Mr. Rogers was a quiet man."  Huh? What the.....? My article wasn't about Mr. Rogers.  And then, it occurred to me, it was my dad.  In front of 60,000 potential readers, my dad was the only person to comment and only because (another drum roll please) - HE THOUGHT HE WAS SENDING IT TO MY PRIVATE EMAIL.  Initially, I wanted to DIE. To hide under the covers and not come out. To move out of San Ramon permanently and hide my face.  Thank GOD he didn't cuss or say something inappropriate. And then, I started to laugh......and laugh.....and laugh......and all day even after I called my dad and told him that wasn't my personal email and to NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER post a comment on the San Ramon Patch, and all he could say was "Well I didn't know where the hell I was sending it to"...I laughed.  And guess what.  I'm still laughing. 

I pray my friends that even on the worst of days, you are able to find the humor.

Sweet dreams and always, GOOD dreams.

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