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Friday, August 5, 2011


Once a week I run the dishwasher, and only once a week.  Not because I am a conscientious tree-huggin' water saving sort of gal (although I secretly am) but because I have a selfish motive to keep the water bill as low as possible.  And so...when I ran the dishwasher last week I noticed several glasses were....gone.  Glasses, cups, and mugs. I didn't give it much thought, it was a fleeing subconscious observation that came as quickly as it went.  "Where have all the glasses gone?" 

Recently, I rented one of my daughter's bedrooms out (no names mentioned) who hated living under my rules because of course I am a bad mother.  A dear sweet girl in her early 20's with a resume longer than mine and an internship that most would die to have, is renting the room. My "other" daughter rents the other room.  Again, no names mentioned.  There are times that she reminds me how she is helping me out (financially) and I have to bring her to reality and let her know that no one anywhere else on the planet is going to give her the "daughter rate."  But regardless, one day she very seriously pulled me aside and said "Mother, we have to talk."  As parents, our heart sinks every time we hear that they have something serious to tell us.  I was skeptically nervous. 

"I am a paying tenant." ....and she continued "You do not have the right to go into my room!"  My response was, and it was true...I was only closing the window to turn on the air conditioner.  Now, mind you, I am no longer the mother I was when they were 13.  What they do now is their business.  I don't need the anxiety of finding out anything that I may not want to know, so just for the record, I am not a snooper; or shall I say, I am no longer a snooper.  This incident happened last summer.

Well today, I went to run the dishwasher.  More glasses are missing.  My tenant is rather clean, and often leaves her bedroom door open and I see a gently made bed when I walk past her room, so I knew she wasn't taking the glasses.  My daughter (the no named one who lives at home) is never actually home, so I couldn't imagine that it was her.  Finally, I made an executive decision.  I pulled together the confidence of a soldier going into war and briskly opened the door to my daughter's room (I would have been less brave had she actually been home) -- but do you know what I found?....cups and glasses, plates and mugs, everywhere! 

The GOOD NEWS IS....the dishes are now fully in the dishwasher.  The dishwasher is running, and all is right with the world.  And so, resting on my housework laurels I decided it was time to take a shower. I opened the hall closet to pull out a fresh towel and am left with one question...."Where have all the towels gone?"

Sweet dreams, and ALWAYS, GOOD dreams.

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