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Sunday, September 11, 2011


I want the simple things in life. I want the unity we had ten years ago on September 11, without the attacks.  I want neighbors to be kind, politicians to be fair, coworkers to have one another’s backs.  I want to live in a society without greed, where heroes run in and parents don’t leave; where strangers give freely because they care - whether they know you or not. I don’t want to witness contempt and division over which religion has a monopoly on God, and I want to live with people who have a moral compass whether they believe or don’t believe in something greater in the universe.  It doesn’t take a Bible or Kabbalah or the Koran to live your life with integrity.  I’m not asking for Christmas every day of the year, just common decency, goodwill; and an acceptance of responsibility when we make mistakes, as we often do, because it’s the right thing to do.

On September 11, we hung our flags proudly, we cried and mourned and grieved “together.”  We were unified because we believed in our freedom and our Country and at that moment, we realized what we had, and the reality of what we stood to lose.  I want so little but for all of us to accept one another’s differences, and hold hands anyway, because we have the freedom to do that. Let’s not wait for another September 11, can’t we just start with today?  Today is a perfect day to remember just how great we are and just how great we can be.

Sweet Dreams and Always GOOD Dreams,

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Anonymous said...

Well said my friend !