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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I have made an executive decision. 

Typically, I have a keen sense of awareness, which really means I cry easily and am overly sensitive.  That, coupled with my lack of a brain filter also allows me to write from a place of emotion. And oh how I love to write -- but I'm no Julia.  (If you haven't seen Julia & Julia, you really should).  Over a year prior to watching the movie, I wanted to start my own blog, I just didn't know how to go about it.  There was never a question as to what I would write -- I knew immediately it would be to find good news and shout it to the world.  Most of us have been so consumed by the bad news all around us, (like really, can the stock market plunge any lower?), that I think we are not only past due but I think we are becoming conditioned to the negative.  I was eating my peanut butter sandwich while on my break yesterday and turning the pages of the newspaper. As I looked at photos of not just malnourished but starving and dying children in Somalia with arms the size of twigs, I took another bite of my sandwich and turned the page.  Oh dont' think for a second it didn't stab me in the heart, or that we shouldn't know what is happening in the world.  We should.  But I don't ever want to become conditioned to this norm....not now.....not ever.  I want to know that there is something good out there to contrast all the pain and suffering that we witness. I want to know that if there is a time or place to jump in and help, we will because we are in fact, not conditioned.

In my fantasy, my writing was going to be exclusively about the heroes of the day and the Lassie's of the they saved the toddler from going into the pool and pulled the family from the burning building. It hasn't quite worked out that way.  Not that this doesn't happen, and I can assure you when it does, and I know about it, I will write about it.  But this has evolved into something a little different than what I anticipated.  Fortunately, I think it seems to be going in a direction of what people still want to read because we want something good.  Today I hit the 100 mark for daily views.  You, my readers, broke my record!  Thank you. Thank you for letting me know by the numbers, that I am not alone in my hopes of a brighter day.  Thank you for reading my posts.

I've learned in the last week of "blog world" that much of the good news has to come from me; my own perspective.  My mission is to dig deep for the good news in the many moments which aren't always so good, or to find the humor when it's appropriate.  Isn't that what happiness comes down to much of the time anyway?  From our own perspective?  An overused cliche no doubt, but I'm trying to make lemonade and share it with you on a hot sunny day.  But being no Julia, I won't be making recipes from scratch and writing about them -- and for my readers that know their way around a kitchen, please forgive me, but I'm a lousy cook.  My house isn't even spic and span.  (See my post on "Perfection").  I do hope you'll still accept me.  But my heart, my big ol' sensitive heart is always in the right place; I can promise you that -- and one of my favorite cousins will offer a testimonial (see future comments after check clears).

So my promise to you is not to write every single day, but write as often as there are good things jumping out at me or going round in this tired little brain of mine to write about. I hear that most blogs die a quick death, but as long as you continue to read my truth, then I will continue to share it with you....150 posts in a year from the date I started in July.  That is my executive decision.  During that time I want to cover all the things near and dear to your hearts, the moments of joy, the tears of relief, the heroes, our children, and the humor that we live for.  If I've missed something, let me know and I will write about it.  I will try to switch it up to keep you interested.  And now, before it gets dark, I have weeds to pull.  That's one thing I'm good at.

In Girl Scouts our pledge was: "On my honor I will try: To love God and my Country, to help other people at all times especially those in need."  I was a Girl Scout.  I think I'm still a Girl Scout, and I think it is our time of need.

Sweet dreams and always, GOOD dreams,


Anonymous said...

I think I am falling for you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,
If your initials are RLP then you fell for me in the third grade, just as I did you. I might just have to blog about it. ~Renae~