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Friday, August 19, 2011


It's true. I am angry. I am really really angry.  The funny thing is, I don't even know why I'm angry.  Maybe I should never leave my house.  When I'm home with my dogs, I'm not angry. My dogs are never angry. They are always happy.  But I left the house, and now, I'm angry. 

Everything was hunky dory fine.  I went to cash in a few cans and then to Safeway to buy a few things and then to buy my lottery ticket (just in case) and then to get gas.  The lady in front of me at the grocery store was there a nice way to say bitch???  If there is, I would prefer that, but since I can't think of one at the moment, that will have to suffice.  She was in her Daisy Dukes with her overly-tanned body looking like a 40+ year old hottie....and then she opened her mouth.  Ohhhhhh she was SO ugly. She was rude to the cashier; demanding, demeaning, just downright ugly. Her children were with her.  She didn't even bother to say "thank you".  I guess she thinks the world is there to admire her and bow to her beauty.  It was the lack of a "thank you" that set me off.  I promise, I kept my mouth shut, it's not my place to teach a 40 year old manners, whose children I will one day have to jump for at the library and then I will wonder why they didn't say "thank you."  It's a breeding problem.

So to make up for her negativity to the cashier, I went out of my way to say "Thank you! Have a nice weekend!" because I didn't want him to think that all women in Daisy Dukes (yes I too was wearing mine) were....ahhhem.....bitches. 

Then I went to the gas station -- yet another one of these barbie dolls who was ANGRY. She demanded her probably ten year old son march into the gas station to tell the manager that "SOMEONE" WAS SMOKING. The manager said "it's no problem" and the boy repeated it to his mother and she, said "Ohhhhhhh it IS a problem!" And in her like twelve inch high heels and over stretched face she sacheted into the gas station to give the manager the what for.  Why she sent her son in the first place, I don't know.  And now, I am angry.  Do you want to know who was actually really nice to me on my little one hour adventure? The guy that was sweating working at the recycling box (and it is a box) during a heatwave, the cashier, the guy that bagged my groceries, and the guy that had a chuckle with me over my statement that only poor people buy lottery tickets (implying that I am poor -- which I am in relation to women that have money to get their faces stretched).  Not one of these employees get paid enough to be nice to me, but they all were genuinely kind....and no it wasn't the Daisy Dukes because I barely brushed my hair today and look like a 50 year old tomboy; which I am....almost.   Anyway... I came home realllllllllllllly angry.

PEOPLE!!!!!!....WHO have we become?? We have time for social networking and boob jobs and face lifts and boating and reality t.v.  But we don't have time to be nice?  To say "thank you" to those that serve us? To offer the niceties just because it feels dang good and to be civil in a world where people who oftentimes think they have to prove their status by being an asshole, seems to prevail? just makes you ugly you, you lady with the tight face. Did you forget about inner-beauty?

Okay, phew, got that off my chest.  So THE GOOD NEWS IS....we have a choice.  When we go up to the counter, we have a choice to be polite, or we can be ugly and stroke our own ego and spread hostility and negativity. We can say "thank you"....and even smile.  Two words and one expression that take nothing, but mean the world of difference to the person that doesn't have the means to go boating this weekend, or is working two jobs, or taking care of their invalid parent.  WE HAVE A CHOICE no matter what our circumstances to be nice.  And as I lecture I am reminding myself that I too have a choice....I can take in the negativity of others, or I can fling it off like the garbage that it is.  Because that's what negativity is anyway, just a piece of crap that sometimes lands on our heads when we least expect it and makes us angry.

Fortunately for me, I came home to two wagging tails that were really really really happy to see me.  Sigh....I don't think I'll ever leave my house again.

Sweet dreams, and always GOOD dreams,


Anonymous said...

I'm leaving my house now (not in daisy dukes, haha) and will smile and remember to be nice to those around me today-ignore those "uglies" and my little 5 yr. old will be in tow. Thanks for the chuckle my friend. Lori

awana tell you a story said...

I love this one. Yes people are the product of their upbringing. Be mindfull of what you say around your kids. They will be a reflection of you.
p.s. Dogs are great...